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putu_rabu's Journal

Putumayo Gothic&Lolita Brand Love!
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\(^▽^*)いらっしゃ~いっ(*^▽^)/ For fans of the Japanese alternative fashion brand PUTUMAYO!

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・・・Community Rules:・・・

1) All posts must be related to the Putumayo brand. Makes sense, right~? Do feel free to introduce yourself, and pictures are always welcome!

2) Images must be placed under a lj-cut. You may post one preview image outside the lj-cut. (This rule is the same whether it be item pictures, icons, or photos of yourself!)

3) Please post sales/auction posts within a reasonable gap of time. (Do NOT spam the community with your sale every week.) Putumayo brand/replica sales ONLY!

4) Please use common sense and be kind to others.

6) Ask questions if you don't understand or need help and have fun!

If you have any issues/questions/would like to affiliate, contact the mod kaiamira. ^o^